Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Losing weight sucks

Well its been another month. I am down to 181 pounds, so 15 pounds in two months. Not bad, but i want to see those 170 numbers, and it seems so much harder to lose pound number 180 than pound number 195. I hope i can be at 175 by the end of March.

I have done pretty well on my plan. My workouts have been a fairly consistent 5-6 days a week. Lots of aerobic stuff augmented with some weights. I have generally eliminated fast foods from my diet, and to tell you the truth, i dont miss it. I have been packing salads for lunch and that works out well if i make my own dressings sometime during the week. For some reason i cant stand bottled dressings.

the biggest issue i have is bread. I love bread, but i am trying to convert to wholesome, whole wheats and breads with no preservatives. The problem is I dont eat the bread fast enough as it goes bad, so i end up spending more money on a good loaf and end up throwing half of it out. I guess i should buy a good loaf, divide it in three and freeze two thirds of the bread.

He are the highlights so far:
  • Cascade Fresh yogurt from Whole Foods. Best yogurt i have tasted
  • Cook alot on Sunday, so meals can be heated up during the week
  • I usually take the weekend off and dont worry about calorie intake. Seems to be working
  • A banana at 10 am is wonderful
  • I find the South Beach diet oatmeal cookies very satisfying. 100 calories and have whole grains.
  • Not a big frozen yogurt fan, but Hagen Daz chocolate sorbet is tasty.
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