Thursday, July 05, 2007

So So Parks

These are the parks classified as So-So. If you are in town, then I would catch a game at one of these parks, but I wouldn't necessarily go out of my way to make a special trip to the stadium.

The older Stadiums with some history:
  • Yankee Stadium, New York - After the remodel of the stadium in the 70's, there is nothing special about the stadium. What is has going for it is history and very knowledgeable and loyal fans.
  • Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles - A simple stadium that has gotten old. One big reason to go is grilled Dodger Dogs. With so much going on in LA, their fans are bandwagon fans, and even if they are going good, the fans are just not that enthusiastic.
  • Kaufman Stadium, Kansas City - A Dodger Stadium clone with a nicer outfield with fountains and grass.
The following parks are stadiums with retractable roofs. All are nice, but they don't add much to the baseball experience. Of the three, I would give Minute Maid a nod as the best of the three.
  • Minute Maid Park, Houston - Has some uniqueness that gives it an edge.
  • Chase Field, Phoenix - A mall with a baseball stadium. Fits the Phoenix market, but not spectacular.
  • Miller Park, Milwaukee - You must get the Bratwurst with the works and special sauce
The following parks are nice, but have little or no personality
  • US Cellular Field, Chicago - A new stadium with one big draw, the fans. The fans make it a fun experience.
  • Coors Field, Denver - Nice downtown ballpark, just too damn big
  • Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati - A new ballpark that tried to pay homage to many facets of Cincinnati baseball history and ended up with a stadium without focus. Looks like the stadium was designed was based on a series of compromises.
  • Fulton County Stadium, Atlanta - Largest video board I have ever seen.
  • Angel Stadium, Anaheim - A nice stadium that they ruined when the Rams moved in. When the Rams moved out, they tried to fix it. Its better, but without major changes, it will be hard to crack the Go-Go list. Fans have improved after the 2002 World Series, very loud and loyal.
  • Ball Park at Arlington - It suffers the same problem as the park in Cincinnati, no focus. They tried to be cute by added an office building but it just doesn't work.
Of all the So-So parks, US cellular is probably my favorite. The fans make it worth the experience. Loud, obnoxious and loyal. Those are good fans.
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