Friday, June 15, 2007

Two down and none to go

We attended our son's high school graduation yesterday, leaving my wife and I with no kids in the house (well soon no kids in the house) and two in college. The graduation ceremony for high school has changed in the thirty years since I got my diploma.
  • Class sizes are bigger (His, 469, mine 250)
  • Fewer speeches by the kids
  • More speeches by the elected school board members
  • More dos and dont's for the kids during the ceremony (with teachers sitting in each section)
  • A formal portrait with the school board member giving you the diploma (Why?)
At least the class got to enjoy an all night party put on by the parents at the school. It seems to me, this is the best tradition for any graduation as it keeps the kids safe on the one night that it is guaranteed even smart kids will do something stupid.
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