Monday, May 21, 2007

Hitting to all fields

I would thought I would spend one post to catch up on a lot of past subjects, so here it goes
  • I ran 9 miles the last two Sunday's with better times each Sunday. Yesterday I finished in 82 minutes, which is much faster than I planned. I am getting better at pacing myself, so I think I will do more short runs outside rather than on a treadmill. Looks like I will be getting up early to get a few miles in several mornings a week.
  • I have been real good about varying breakfasts each day. A new favorite is a small bagel, smoked salmon and a splash of cream cheese. I am not eating much cereal these days, as I find it too sweet. Another good morning treat is Canadian bacon, tomato, and cheese on an English muffin.
  • I picked up a Bobby Flay cookbook a couple of weeks ago, mainly because I was bored with my standard fair. I didn't know what to expect from the book, except he has a lot of great pictures of food. The book itself is a poor cookbook. It lists lots of recipes with a variety of sauces scattered all through the cookbook, but very little instruction on which sauce with which dish, or how they should be assembled. I ended up making a few of the main dishes and a handful of his mother sauces. I took a whack at putting them together and I must say WOW! The flavors are bold and because the sauces are very colorful, the food looks wonderful. I will report more on his recipes after I experiment with my family this weekend.
  • I was doing some research on ticketing systems for work, and I came to realize tickets to Padre games on the secondary market are much cheaper that similar tickets to Angel games. Good thing I am a Giant fan, but it makes going to Angel games with good tickets very hard to do without getting your own season tickets.
  • I need to find a better way to publish recipes. The Google pages are not set up real well for repetitive style pages.
  • I have been doing some web 2.0 research as well. So many social network sites, so many web identities. I think we all need to create a single web identity that has two faces (one personal and one work) and if you come across a social network you like, you just submit your personal or work web identity. Probably exists, but I haven't found it yet.
  • Ok, I am a Giant fan, and Barry Bonds is probably a jerk to all but his closest friends (I am sure he is not the only other great player to be called a jerk, Ty Cobb comes to mind), but why do I have to listen to all this scorn about Bonds breaking the home run record. One, Bonds has never been a jerk to me, so I can't hold that against him. Two, It is probably safe to assume, Bonds is not the only player (betting more pitchers than hitters) to take performing enhancing drugs, whether it be steriods, HGH, amphetamines, cocaine, or enhance their skills with contacts, lasik eye, knee, shoulder and elbow surgery and many other medical miracles. Baseball encouraged performing enhancing drugs by ignoring the issue for a dozen or more years. Baseball owes the fans more of an apology than Bonds, Giambi or any other accused player. We should admire these players for what they accomplished on the field. Over time the whole steroid issue, will be just one more argument for writers at Hardball Times to add in their statistical analysis to compare players from different eras.
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